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D and I have noticed we haven’t had many write-ups for restaurants that serve up and an amazing breakfast.   Today’s post, for us anyways, is all about the breakfast. Square Café in Regent Square has been feeding the masses for 10 years now. It has been our favorite place for breakfast for almost 8 years. Oddly enough we have never had lunch as Square so we can’t comment on whether it’s good or not, but with how great breakfast is we assume lunch would be just as delicious.


Square Café somehow manages to serve more people in a day than some restaurants wish they could serve in a week. If you go on a Saturday or Sunday be prepared, there will be a wait! If it is spring or summer and the outdoor dining is available the wait could be even longer. D and I feel the wait is worth it.


This place is loud, not in a bad way, so if you were planning a nice quiet breakfast, may we suggest cooking at home. Diners should never be quiet anyways. They should be lively, colorful, cramped and serve delicious home cooked food. The menu here changes with the seasons so you can always try something new. I would like to request putting the Biscuits and Chorizo Gravy back on the menu, PLEASE!! Their menu has something for everyone; classic dishes, new twists, vegan/vegetarian, sweet, savory.


D and I pretty much conquer breakfast the same way every time; D orders something on the sweeter side (Pancakes, French Toast or Waffles), I go with the savory side (omelets, biscuits and gravy). Another plus for Square is they have an espresso bar; feel free to swig back some espresso or lattes. We both ordered the Mochas and scanned the new spring menu.



De went with the special pancakes (todays were Espresso and Hazelnut with powdered sugar) and a side of home fries.



I went with the Hog Scramble- take bacon, sausage and pulled pork and toss them all with scrambled eggs and melt some cheese on top. It was awesome, just please don’t tell my Dr. that I ordered this. The home fries here are good but nothing different or special. The food comes out lightning quick; so even if the wait for a table is lengthy the wait for your meal is not.


The servers here have always been friendly, even on the busiest of weekends. The food is always hot and delicious. The coffee is always strong and ready to pour. The parking in Regent Square isn’t always ideal but with the way the city is headed parking is becoming tricky everywhere. Square Café is definitely worth the trip no matter what part of the city you call home.



Square Café

Also on Facebook

1137 South Braddock Avenue
Pgh, PA 15218
(412) 244-8002

Mon-Sat: 7am-3pm
Sunday:   8am-3pm



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