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East End Beer Dinner @ Social

D and I are not very familiar with Bakery Square in East Liberty. We know Google has offices there, we know they are building a ton of residential and office buildings, but other than that, we’ve got nothing. We are usually driving past it on the way to some other place we do know. However, when we heard East End Brewing was hosting a beer dinner at a place called Social, we knew we couldn’t just drive past any longer.




We had only heard about Social from our friend Dan when he first heard about this dinner maybe a month or so ago. D and I were immediately on board to attend this event; as a happy surprise even more of our friends wanted to join us! Tonight for dinner, D and I are joined by Dan & Courtney, Krystal & Homar, Rachel & Sean, and Brian & Jen.


We have been fans of East End Brewing since they opened in this city; that is no secret. All of our favorite bars/restaurants serve at least 1 option from EEB. Scott (owner of East End Brewing) really loves and cares about all the beers he makes. Snow Melt, their winter seasonal beer is one of my all time favorite beers and the Eye Opener Coffee Porter is the greatest Porter I have ever had the pleasure of drinking. So we knew if he was willing to have his beer showcased by a restaurant, odds are that the restaurant would be just as delicious. We were right.


Social is a great gathering spot; a relaxed bar that serves great beers and cocktails paired with an eclectic yet familiar food menu. Since we are enjoying a set menu tonight we will have to get back to Social to check out the standard menu.


We will be served 4 courses tonight, each paired with an East End beer. As we arrive and grab a seat our servers bring over a pint of Big Hop IPA (the flagship beer), I always find IPA’s are either Loved or Loathed; I am a lover of IPA’s. So as we catch up with dear friends and enjoy our 1st beer everyone chats about how they like the vibe of the restaurant, and how they are excited to dive in to the opening course. Ok enough jibber jabber, to the meal!


1st Course: Witbier – served with a frisee salad with lemon vinaigrette and marcona almonds, with an heirloom tomato salad and goat cheese and tarragon croquette.

A great and light opening course, the croquette was my favorite. The beer was crisp and light, a natural choice for a “salad course”.


2nd Course: Cream Ale- served with garlic/chili marinated shrimp served over grits with a poblano/corn cream sauce with peas, paprika oil and corn shoots

From what I heard, this was every ones favorite course. The shrimp were perfectly grilled, the poblano cream was delicious; all components worked well together. The beer was solid, cream ales are not my first choice, but with the mild spice of the food, the pairing worked.


3rd Course: Oatmeal Stout- served with short rib with Korean BBQ pearls, oatmeal risotto, enoki mushrooms, chopped peanuts and micro greens.

I loved this course, short rib was tender the BBQ pearls were good (would have preferred just a spoonful of regular BBQ sauce on the plate, this isn’t El Bulli!) The beer was heavy, the ladies were not particular fans, but the guys loved it. Note- this was our 4th pint, everyone was starting to slow down a tad.


4th Course: Monkey Boy- served with banana rum ice cream topped with walnuts, strawberry gelee, chocolate nutella mousse with baked bananas, and clove simple syrup.

This course was basically 3 small individual desserts each about 2 bites. My favorite was the chocolate nutella mousse (not that shocking). The monkey boy was a great choice for the desserts and vice versa. The faint taste of banana in the beer really brought the food and drink together.


Every one had a blast at this event; we are already planning on attending another East End Brewing event at the end of April, so stay tuned. Thanks go to both Social and East End Brewing for a fabulous night. The restaurant was busy with the normal crowd not including our event and the servers were excellent and attentive. Scott made sure everyone knew about the beer and the servers made sure all the food was explained thoroughly. We also were glad to see that the cooks were brought out from the kitchen to receive our thanks. We are so glad that our friends want to partake in these types of events with us. We love nothing more than exposing new restaurant and bars to our loved ones.


On a separate topic, if you enjoy reading our blog be sure to check out and like our Facebook Page (shameless plug, sorry couldn’t help it). We upload photos from places we visit and we try our best to post about upcoming events in our great city. So if you are interested in attending dinners like this, our page is able to point you in the right direction.


Social at Bakery Square


Also on Facebook
6425 Penn Avenue
Pgh, PA 15206

Sunday-Thursday: 11am-12am
Friday-Saturday: 11am-2am
Brunch Served 11am-4pm on Sat and Sun.


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