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With how much D and I dine in Lawrenceville we may start looking at houses near Butler St. Not that it will ever happen but it probably would save us money on gas. Our travels once again bring us to Butler St., this time we are not alone. Tonight our dear friends Heather and Christina will be joining us for dinner (It is Christina’s Birthday, she is getting rather old these days!). The two ladies are not quite as adventurous when it comes to dining out (Baby steps, right Heather?) but they want to dine out with us so we can show them some new and exciting places to eat. We love hanging out with these ladies, so it is win-win for all of us.

DSCN1790 DSCN1791



For tonight’s birthday dinner we opted for one of our favorites, Industry Public House. We have been here 4 times before and really enjoy it, the drinks are amazing, the food is simple and delicious, and the staff is always friendly. Plus the place is really awesome to just hang out and have a few drinks; we all love the lighting and industrial style décor. If I could shrink this place down and put it in my basement, I would. It would make an ideal “man cave”. If you are looking to avoid a packed house, we recommend dining here on weeknights or Sunday. They also have a pretty great brunch on Sunday, since it’s brunch you don’t have to feel bad for consuming alcohol early in the day.

DSCN1787 DSCN1789

Now when you sit down the first menu you want to look over is the drink menu, it’s going to take a few minutes to figure out what the hell you are going to order. Our server (Jerry) had to come back 3 times before everyone had finally made a decision on what to drink.

DSCN1792 DSCN1793


The menu is about 6 pages, 1 for wine, 1 for cocktails, 2 for beer and 2 for whiskey/bourbon. Christina went with beer (it took a few tries, they tend to run out of some more limited release beers), Heather went with the Afterglow cocktail, bourbon with muddled strawberries, balsamic and bitters (cheat day, right Heather?) D ordered the Polymer, applejack, chai syrup, mesquite smoke, hard cider it was a really great drink. Now for me, I ordered the Signature Cocktail of the joint, The Smokestack, you pick your favorite bourbon (tonight I’m sipping Four Roses Single Barrel, oh yeah!) they add a little maple syrup, a dash of bitter and then, light some wood chips of your choosing and literally “smoke” the drink. This instantly became one of my favorite drinks I have ever had the pleasure of sipping. Now, Heather and D also ordered the Lehigh’s Rock ‘n Rye (double cheat day, Heather!) basically this is a grown up snow cone, crushed ice with peach infused rye bourbon, mint and ginger beer. If you are feeling crazy, eat the peach they serve in the drink.


Despite what you just read, we did come here for dinner; the drinks were just a warm-up. We ordered the boneless Buffalo wings (mild), classic bar food, but there is a reason it’s a classic. For entrees Heather ordered the Hand Looped Salad, spinach, beets, jalapenos, oranges and yoghurt vinaigrette (she didn’t want the goat cheese that also comes on the salad, like I said, baby steps),


Christina ordered the Pot Roast, gravy, mashed potatoes, fried onions. Hardcore comfort food and really helps soak up the alcohol you are consuming.


D went with the Smoke Stack Sandwich, shaved ribeye, aged cheddar, arugula, and horseradish mayo on sourdough bread. We suggest getting the horseradish on the side it overpowers the sandwich. I always order the burger or Burghers as they call them.


Tonight I’m devouring the Farmed Out Burgher, wild boar bacon (yeah), aged white cheddar, fried egg and BBQ sauce. It is as amazing as it sounds! All in all a very satisfying meals.


If you are looking for a new bar to hang out at, give this place a look. We love coming here when we have no plans and are just looking to get a quick delicious meal and some awesome beverages, of course. I know that Tender is getting a lot of press as the bar to be at in Lawrenceville (and for good reason) but Industry is just as good and some times its easier to get a seat. Heather and Christina said they had a great time, of course they did, they were dining with ME, duh!  We look forward to dining out with them again in the near future. Cheers!



Industry Public House



also on Facebook


4305 Butler St

Pgh, PA 15201

(412) 683-1100



Sunday-Saturday- 11am-2am

Brunch on Sundays


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