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I’m a sucker for great fish ‘n chips, D likes fish ‘n chips, but if I find a place that serves the classic style and does it really well that’s pretty much all I am ever going to order there. I have found an incredible spot for my fish ‘n chips fix, The Pub Chip Shop in the South Side. We have never been to Piper’s Pub (sorry) but when we heard they opened a tiny place next door that started as a “test kitchen” and now make homemade pies and pastys along with the fish, I immediately put it on the short list of new places we had to get to.  They have been trying to open this joint for a while now, I think the end result was worth it.  It is yet another name on a rather short list (for us anyways) of places that make the traffic and crowds in the South Side worth going there.





This isn’t really a “sit down” restaurant, its more designed for take-out. There are 10 seats, 5 at a counter and 5 at a table, so needless to say, seating is limited at best. The décor is minimal, menu board behind the counter, open kitchen, and a wall of windows looking out on the madness that is East Carson Street.



The Pies and Pastys are front and center in the display case next to where you place your order. These are not dessert or sweet pies, these are meat pies (think Lamb, Steak & Ale, Seafood, Chicken Curry, and if you are one of “those people” they have a vegan option). The most important part of any pie is the crust and they have that perfected, flaky, a tiny crunch, buttery and not dense or heavy. They make small and large pies; order a couple smalls to get a sample of the different fillings.


Another menu item people may not be familiar with is the Scotch egg; hardboiled egg is wrapped in sausage, breaded and then deep-fried. Put some Sriracha on them and they are the perfect bar food or hangover food (which ever you are going for). D is not a fan of hard-boiled eggs, I was more than happy to eat her half.


One menu item that did catch D’s eyes was the Boxty Tots, homemade tater tots and they were awesome! Not the traditional shape but the flavor and texture were spot on.


Now, for me when it comes to fried fish I have one request BATTER, BATTER, BATTER. I don’t mind breaded fried fish but for Fish ‘n Chips it is battered or nothing at all! The batter here is light and crunchy as it should be a little malt vinegar and some tartar sauce and I am good to go. Next time though I will have to try the other various dipping sauces they have, the Thai Chili caught my eye. The chips are great as well thicker than the standard French Fry, so they have some crunch on the outside but are almost like a baked potato in the center.  I don’t think I need to say this but I will, if you are on a diet or against fried foods, do not go here. But if you want to try some pretty damn traditional British fare, by all means come on in.


We would like to apologize to the staff, we were given the wrong order by mistake and didn’t realize it until we were 3 bites in. Sorry guys, our bad. But it was a happy accident, the Seafood pie we got by mistake was delicious.

The Pub Chip Shop


also on Facebook

1830 East Carson Street

Pgh, PA 15203

(412) 381-2447

Sun-Thurs: 11am-10pm

Fri-Sat: 11am-2am



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