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Bryant Street in Highland Park is one of our favorite streets to dine on; it’s right up there with Butler St, South Braddock Ave, and Penn Ave. The original restaurant that attracted us to Bryant St was E2. We were looking for a great spot for brunch and this place looked very promising when it first opened up, needless to say it is one of our favorite brunch spots (dinner is awesome also). Chef Kate Romane (Easily one of our top 5 chefs in the city!) is in charge here and the food and ambiance is incredible, her passion really shines through. They truly support the “eat local” movement and list the places that they get their provisions from on the menu.  When they originally opened it was just for brunch, Saturday and Sunday from 9am-2pm. Well, the place became a delicious success and now they serve dinner 5 nights a week. The menu is focused on Mediterranean flavors and even though I am not a fan of using the word rustic, the food here is definitely more rustic/old school than most places. We have dined here for dinner before, but this post is going to focus on the brunch side of the restaurant (you will want to try both brunch and dinner here, trust us).

DSCN1567 DSCN1568 DSCN1569 DSCN1570 DSCN1571 DSCN1574

The location on Bryant St is so ideal, the neighborhood vibe works perfectly with the look and feel of the restaurant. The main dining is tiny but warm and inviting seating about 28 people. The outdoor patio is great for the few nice weather months we actually see here in the Burgh. Even when the place is packed and crazy, you feel yourself take a deep breath and relax once your butt hits the seat. The décor is simple with some personal photos on the wall some old school cooking/chef books on the shelf and the chalkboard main menu. Before you get stuck staring at the chalkboard menu and slowly start to drool check the sheet of paper on your table, that’s the “donut menu”, or if you prefer beignets or zeppolli.


Some donuts are sweet, some are savory; we opted for the donuts that were both, the maple-bacon donuts, they were delicious. The donuts are stuffed with bacon, fried and then tossed in crispy bacon and maple syrup. Just great, the right balance of salt to sweet. But brunch doesn’t end at donuts, although it could, on to the main course. The chalkboard menu has a few “staples”, such as an omelet of the day, seasonal frittata, a French toast, hash, and the egg hoagie. They also always have vegan/vegetarian options.

DSCN1576 DSCN1577

D ordered the Egg Hoagie, with fried eggs, salami, cheese, greens, tomato and aioli; served with redskin taters. It’s a massive sandwich, I love when D orders it because she can never finish it all, and I am more than happy to help. I opted for the Sausage and Heirloom Tomato Hash; spicy sausage, chopped heirlooms, onion, potato, peppers and green onion served with 2 eggs (over easy, always) and grilled focaccia bread. The hash was great, lots of veggies, spicy sausage and mixing it all together with the eggs made the dish a perfect meal.


We love coming here for brunch, it’s a nice quiet street and the restaurant is so beautiful. If you want to make a day of it grab brunch and then drive down the street to the zoo. On a cool late summer day few things are more enjoyable in the city. If brunch isn’t your thing we highly recommend dinner here as well, it’s BYOB! The basement was recently renovated into a private dining room. They serve family style dinners once a month called Sunday Sauce (book early, they fill up quick). You could also host a private event down there for parties up to 60 people. We dined there once for a family style New Year’s Eve meal and it was delicious.  Head on over to Bryant St and check out all the places you can dine at, you will be happy you made the trip!







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5904 Bryant St

Pgh, PA 15206

(412) 441-1200


Brunch- Saturday&Sunday- 9am-2pm

Dinner- Tuesday-Friday- 5pm-10pm

Saturday- 6pm-10pm

Closed Mondays.


4 comments on “E2

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  2. Joe

    My oldest son ,Jason,works here as a line cook,his mom and I are very proud of Jason. He truly loves working there.

    • D&T

      Thanks for your comment and checking out our blog… We love E2 and appreciate the hard work and dedication your son gives to the restaurant.

  3. Suzy Ruscella

    Love your Blog…great way to find a new place to dine…I lived in the area off Bryant St. as a young adult, and was pleasantly surprised to hear of the ‘revitalization’ of the area….such a beautiful area….wishing E2 all the success in the world.

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