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Station Street Hot Dogs

Some nights a big fancy dinner out just isn’t necessary or doable, so that’s when we reach for our “list” of quick but delicious options. Some places are not so secret, some places we say the name of and people tilt their heads and say “Where?” Nonetheless we do everything in our power to avoid chains and to branch out.  We like eat in different areas other than the North Hills.


If a business has been around since 1915 odds are you have heard of it. This may not be the case with Station Street Hot Dogs, granted they relocated in 1969 and were closed for several decades. In February 2012 Kevin Sousa and his brother reopened Station Street, with a few “Kevin Sousa” tweaks.


East Liberty is starting to get some pretty great dining establishment, including the rest of the Sousa Empire (Salt, Union Pig&Chicken and Harvard&Highland), Verde, Dinette and Spoon. If you know where the new giant super Target was built then you can find Station Street, it is right behind it on Broad Street.


The building is still old school, counters line the walls of windows with stools for dining in, and a few tables outside for some al fresco dining. The kitchen is basically 75% of the building, feels like an old diner or greasy spoon when you walk in. The hot dogs here are 100% all beef in natural casings and the fries are fresh cut and double cooked, as all fries should be! I doubt however back in 1915 they served the Kimchi Dog or the Bahn Mi Dog (2 of my favorites, by the way). The still serve a more standard style dog (ketchup, mustard, onions), but you can get those anywhere.


The Chili Cheese Dog seems standard until you realize the chili is made with brisket and the cheese is amazing fresh cheese curds! D absolutely loved this dog, even if she had trouble eating it without making a mess.


I opted for the Kimchi Dog, house made Kimchi(look it up, almost a Korean style sauerkraut) with bonito flakes(hard to explain, GOOGLE), nori (edible seaweed), and Kewpie Mayo (a Japanese sweet mayo). The flavor combination works incredibly well with the dog.


The order of fries is huge, serves 2 easy. You can get them straight up or go all out and get chili cheese or order the Poutine which is fries with gravy and cheese curds. Poutine got its start in Quebec but restaurants around here are starting to serve delicious versions. It was a quick dinner but had tons of flavors and was really great.


To say this meal was quick is an understatement, it took us as long to get there as is does order and eat our food. But some meals like that are totally worth the drive. Branch out, go to new neighborhoods you have never been too, find new places to eat and drink at. That’s part of the fun of eating out. If you love D’s Six Packs and Dogs and Frankuary then you need to give Station Street a shot. Sorry though, no alcohol.


Station Street Hot Dogs


6290 Broad Street

Pgh, PA 15206



Monday-Saturday: 11am-9pm

Sunday                    : 12pm-7pm


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