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Allegheny City Smokehouse

There is a major dilemma that occurs when you find an amazing new restaurant/bar/market in your area- do we share it with the world, or, are we greedy and pray we can keep it to ourselves. Now, if a place is truly amazing no matter what you do, it’s going to become insanely popular and may be harder to keep to just yourself. The first time we ate at Cure we knew right away that place would become a major hit, same thing with Legume and a few others. We are beginning to realize that yet another one of our favorite spots is starting to build a cult-like following.

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Allegheny City Smokehouse is the creation of Jared Lordon and Kelly Patton; trained professionals in the culinary field who turned a simple idea in to a flourishing business. It’s only open on Sundays from 12-3pm; they sell out pretty much every week, so get down there early. I heard about this place from a business friend (big thanks to Alistair!) a few months ago, and when we finally got down there it was pure magic! The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” was created for this place. So if you are easily scared away from restaurants, markets, bars that have less than beautiful locations, this may be a hard sell. First, it’s maybe 100yds away from Ohio River Blvd just south of the Mckees Rocks Bridge. Second, you park in an abandoned lot and have to climb up some steep and slightly less than level stairs to what is basically a duplex. If you are still with us and willing to go on, walk around back (be careful, it’s not for the clumsy) and walk a small path back to the shed and tent. Since the moment you get out of your car you can already smell the amazing aroma of smoked meats. Now that you are up at the shed take a really deep breath and just soak it all in, few things in the world smell this amazing! Be warned, this is NOT a restaurant, it’s a more like a meat market. There are no servers, not dining tables, no cocktail list. You come here to buy smoked meats, sometimes cheeses (if its cold enough) and a couple sides to go with them. For the last 6 weeks any proteins we have dined on in our home have come from the smokehouse, yeah we are that obsessed and it is that good

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These guys have an ever-changing menu with a few staples; bacon, pulled pork, and kielbasa are usually available. They also make ribs, half chickens, and 1 style of sausage every week. They post the menu on their Facebook page by Thursday or Friday so you can game plan what you want to buy. The first time I bought the half chicken the smell was so good I devoured it in the parking lot before I went home. A couple walked by and was horrified at the site of me covered in chicken scraps and juice. It didn’t help that I yelled, “don’t judge me” as they walked by, but if you have had the chicken you understand. The bacon is on a whole new level, by far the best bacon we have ever had. We have created new ways to use the bacon just because it is that good. The kielbasa is better than any you can buy at a grocery store. This week they featured whole lamb and holy crap was it great! It was juicy, tender, the skin was crispy and the flavor was outstanding! Don’t forget the side dishes either; they put just as much effort in to them as the meats. From mac ‘n cheese, mama’s slaw, cornbread, and haluski you can’t go wrong with any of them. The prices are extremely reasonable as well so it’s a double win!

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Because of their growing popularity they are currently looking to move their operation into a full time facility. As excited, as we are for that we strongly suggest you get to the current spot so you can see how amazing it is. We have accepted the fact that no matter how hard we try people are going to hear about the smokehouse. So we now will do everything we can to get new people down there to enjoy their offerings. I know we have really talked this place up, but it is really fabulous. These guys know what they are doing and share their passion with any one who wants to chat with them. They are really friendly and will answer any questions you have and also give you samples if you need to try something before buying. They also sell shirts and beer koozies to help support the cause and spread the word.  So if you are free on Sunday and in the mood for some awesome smoked meat products and meet some great new people, get directions and climb the stairs up to Allegheny City Smokehouse. The smell alone is worth the trip!

Allegheny City Smokehouse

2462 Colorado St.

Pgh, PA 15212

(828) 231-9864


also on Facebook

Open Sundays 12:00-3:00pm


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