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We finally found a time of day that we enjoy driving on East Carson St., 8:30am. Nothing personal against people who enjoy the South Side, but in a take it or leave it world, we would leave it. There are a few bright spots down there though, Dish Osteria, Yo Rita, Fat Head’s and the Milk Shake Factory; we would like to add one more, Waffles INCaffeinated.


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Besides the lack of traffic in the morning hours, there is also a reduced risk of being run over or thrown up on by a drunken idiot!  We love finding new breakfast spots, for us, it is much easier to find a great dinner spot than a great breakfast spot. We had both been craving waffles for a while now, sure you can get waffles at numerous places, but we wanted great waffles. This place met our requirements. We sat down at 8:40 just beating the rush that came in at around 9:10. The servers were very friendly, but didn’t seem to know how to handle a big rush. It may have been an off day, they may have been short handed, it’s hard to say. The menu has the standard fare for a breakfast/lunch joint. It has the feel, sound and smell of a diner, which is a good thing.


We placed our drink order and started scanning the menu to see what we would be dining on. I ordered the mocha, in all honesty I didn’t have high hopes, restaurants rarely can make a coffee house style drink successfully. I was pleasantly surprised this drink was made properly and didn’t have too much chocolate, and had the right amount of milk to espresso.

DSCN1142 DSCN1143 DSCN1144

For our meal D ordered the Mega Berry Waffle with blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries over the waffle with a healthy amount of whipped cream. I went the opposite direction; with the Sausage Gravy Waffle. The sausage gravy here is thicker and less creamy than other places but the flavor is good and the waffle really soaks it up. Naturally I added a fried egg on top, because that’s just what you do! Now the waffles were great but the showstopper were the Home Fries. They take white, sweet and purple potatoes chop them up with peppers and onions and fry them. The key is they toss them in their “secret ranch seasoning” they call it PDR. We can’t explain why but something about these potatoes were just delicious! We split an order and D said next time she is getting her own. The waffles here are very light and have a fluffy texture; they have a great golden brown outside and light inside. They also have plenty of other options if you aren’t in the mood for waffles (omelettes, sandwiches, wraps, etc) but why would you come here for anything else?


So, if you are looking to try a new place for breakfast, or want to see what East Carson St looks like with out gridlock traffic and drunk people every where, try Waffles INCaffeinated. We will definitely be adding this place to our list of go-to breakfast spots. FYI, if you really don’t want to go to the South Side, they also have a location in New Brighton.



Waffles INCaffeinated

7 days a week- 8:00am-3:00pm


No website.

(412) 301-1763

2517 East Carson St

Pgh, PA 15203


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