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D and I do not venture to Squirrel Hill often, (except to eat @ Uncle Sam’s, or buy shoes at Little’s) but when we heard that the guy behind Tamari was opening a noodle bar we knew we had to get our butts down there.


We will never pretend to know what is considered “authentic” Chinese or Taiwanese cuisine. D and I have never traveled in Asia; and western PA isn’t exactly known for its Asian cuisine (although there are plenty of Chinese/Hibachi/Thai/Japanese/Sushi joints in the area) so it’s hard to tell which place is the “real deal”. As long as the food is delicious, the service is friendly, and the atmosphere is good we really don’t worry or care if a place is serving truly “authentic” food.


We honestly can’t tell you if Everyday Noodle is just like a noodle bar you would find in Asia, what we can tell you is that the food we had was delicious! This place is new, but you wouldn’t know by looking at the crowd and how smoothly the servers operate. We had about a 15min wait for a table (which is not long at all) we settled in and started to check every thing out. The coolest part of the restaurant is the open kitchen so that you can watch the guys hand pull the noodles (go to youtube and search- Hand Pulled Chinese Noodles) this was fun to watch, these guys are good! Warning, this place is loud, between the guys stretching and slamming the noodles in the kitchen and the diners talking and slurping noodles this is not the place to go to if you want a quiet dinner out.

photo-18 photo-17

Ordering your meal here is a little bit different; you mark down on the menu what you want to eat. If you have any questions the servers are more than happy to help, especially since you aren’t going to recognize a lot of the menu items here. We started off with the Pork Belly on a steamed bun, D wasn’t a huge fan of the texture of the bun, but the pork belly was delicious. Then we ordered the Rolled Green Onion Pancake with Beef, this dish was really good, a thin crepe like pancake rolled around grilled beef and scallions. The pancake had a nice crispy outside and the beef was thin and well seasoned.


Next up we ordered the Pork Soup Dumplings (yes, soup inside a dumpling), this was my favorite dish, the dumpling was handmade and filled with a piping hot pork broth and tiny chunks of tender pork, AWESOME! Yes they are a bit tricky to eat and you will burn your mouth a tad, but it’s worth it.

photo-14 photo-15

For our entrees we made sure to order 1 “dry” noodle dish and 1 noodle soup dish. D ordered the Shrimp & Pork Wonton Soup, the noodles and wontons were great, the broth was ok but not spectacular. You immediately notice the difference in the taste, texture and feel of hand made noodles and the regular mass-produced stuff. I went for the Dan Dan Noodles Szechuan Style, and I will be honest we had no idea what was going to come out (I was so excited to be here I never thought to ask what I had ordered). This was D’s favorite dish and it was damn good, wide noodles in a spicy peanut sauce served with sliced green onions; so simple and yet so delicious! Needless to say we were stuffed after all of this, so no dessert. If you would like to try something different order a Bubble Tea, different flavored creamy tea with tapioca pearls in the bottom (D is not a fan of the texture at all!)

This restaurant is great and we will definitely be coming back as often as possible, because it’s a dinner and a show. If you are looking for something totally different and possibly out of your comfort zone then this is the place to go. We will leave it up to everyone else to decide if its “authentic” or not, all we know is, that we loved the food!

Everyday Noodle

www.everdaynoodles.net   also on Facebook

(412) 421-6668

5875 Forbes Ave

Pgh, PA 15217

Open: Sunday- 11:30am-9:00pm

Mon-Thurs- 11:30am-2:30pm for lunch

4:00pm-9:30pm for dinner

Fri-Sat- 11:30am-2:30pm for lunch

4:00pm-10:00pm for dinner


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