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If I were to ask you where the Whiskey Rebellion took place, what would you say? Kentucky? Tennessee? Virginia? Hell, maybe even Scotland? All valid guesses, but wrong. The Rebellion took place right here in Western Pennsylvania. We will give you a few seconds to process that.


Wigle Whiskey is a family run distillery located in the Strip District, situated on Smallman St. a block from Marty’s Market (formerly Right By Nature). It is also the first distillery in the city of Pittsburgh since Prohibition. Named after Philip Wigle, a main character in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1791 who famously knocked out a tax collector. Wigle was eventually tried for his “crimes” and sentenced to death, later to be pardoned by President Washington, a fellow whiskey maker. The Meyer family (Mark, Mary Ellen, Jeff, Eric, Meredith and Alex) is behind this wonderful company. Opened in early 2012 Wigle Whiskey has already won a gold and bronze award in the Washington Cup- a competition that honors American Spirits and Distilleries. They have also been mentioned in the Post Gazette, USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Philadelphia Enquirer, and Drink Nation, not bad for being open less than a year. They make 2 white whiskeys, one with rye and the other with wheat; they also produce a very good gin. They are beginning to sell aged whiskey in limited releases. Just recently they submitted 4 different flavored bitters to be approved for production and sale. Wigle Whiskey has tasting hours Tuesday-Sunday from 10:00am-6:00pm. They also have both public and private tours that you can make reservations to attend. If you have an event or fundraiser for less than 75 people you can book Wigle for the party. Keep your eyes opened at the better bars in the area because hopefully you will see Wigle products on their shelves.





We went to Wigle Whiskey for a private tour to celebrate T’s birthday. If you get a group together of 8 or more people you can select to have a tour for just your group. It’s $25 per person and you receive a choice of the cocktails containing rye or wheat whiskey or gin, a tour of the distillery while hearing the story behind Philip Wigle and the Whiskey Rebellion.  The tour also includes a sit down tasting of all the products they sell, with an explanation of how to enjoy whiskey. The tour was a blast, most of our group was new to whiskey, especially white whiskey, but everyone really enjoyed it. If you are looking for something different to do in the city and you and your friends are over 21 we highly recommend paying the Meyer family a visit. If you are looking to volunteer they host “labeling” parties where you can go and help them label new bottles of whiskey or gin.



It’s great to see families like the Meyers producing locally made products that they are proud of. I hope in the future more and more people choose our great city as the location for new and exciting food related products. Finally this city could be considered a “Culinary Destination” in the same breath as other major US cities.


If you are going to drink, you might as well drink LOCAL.



Wigle Whiskey


also on Facebook

2401 Smallman St

Pgh, PA 15222

(412) 224-2827

Tasting Hours: Tuesday-Sunday 10:00am-6:00pm

Public and Private Tours


2 comments on “Wigle Whiskey

  1. J.J. Ruscella

    I enjoyed the story. Just went to Washington’s distillery right her in Virginia two weeks ago. Good to know our whiskey runners where in such good company. Keep the articles coming. – JJ

  2. J.J. Ruscella

    I enjoyed the story. Just went to Washington’s distillery right here in Virginia two weeks ago. Good to know our whiskey runners were in such good company. Keep the articles coming. – JJ

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