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Last But Not Least….

This is going to be the 3rd and final restaurant for Pittsburgh Restaurant Week and D’s Mom is joining us for one last go round.


Tonight we are dining at Savoy Restaurant on Penn Ave. in the Strip District.

Savoy has only been around for a few short years, but has already won numerous local and a few not so local awards. The kitchen is run by Chef Kevin Watson, a former instructor at PA Culinary Institute, so at least you know you are in good hands when it comes to the food. The menu here is a mix of Southern Soul (shrimp & grits, chicken & waffles, gumbo, chili) meets Fine Dining (butter poached lobster/scallop pasta, crab cakes, stuffed salmon) with a splash of creativity (chocolate raviolis filled with butternut squash served with lobster in a cream sauce). So needless to say, you should be able to find something for every one to eat.


Savoy itself is more than a restaurant, it also has a full service bar and an upstairs lounge/night club, they host numerous fundraiser/events and have also had a fair share of celebrities (local and national) wine and dine there. Savoy serves lunch and dinner along with a weekend brunch, making it a place that you can go to for numerous different reasons.


We started our meal with the fried calamari and shrimp app served with a sun-dried tomato and horseradish cream sauce. What made this dish great is that the calamari and shrimp were cooked properly. If you have ever tried calamari at a chain restaurant and didn’t enjoy it because it was too chewy the reason is simple, they over cooked it! Calamari, shrimp and any other shellfish should NEVER be overly chewy; it gets that way when some knucklehead cooks them twice as long as they need to be. There are many other apps on the menu along with some great soups and salads, we went with just the one app because it’s a fried dish and was a little bit heavy (if you wanted you could make a meal just from this dish alone).

DSCN0793  DSCN0794 DSCN0795

For entrees D went with the butter poached lobster and scallop pasta (she has had this dish before, but couldn’t help having it again), huge chunks of lobster and sea scallops tossed in a basil cream sauce and tossed with pappardelle pasta. The dish contains lobster and scallops cooked in butter; do I really need to tell you it was good? D’s Mom went with the crab cakes, served atop sautéed spinach with sweet corn and roasted red peppers drizzled with an orange remoulade. Now these crab cakes are good but we all were in agreement that Andora has the best crab cakes in the city. These cakes needed a little more crab and a little less “filler”. T ordered the “beef- 2 ways” which has sliced bistro filet steak and a sous vide cooked chunk of brisket. Both were cooked beautifully and extremely tender. The brisket was served over cauliflower silk, the filet was served with roasted mushrooms with haricot verts in the middle both steaks had a typical pan sauce poured on top.


We were all getting pretty full but knew that we couldn’t leave with out ordering desserts. We decided to share 2 desserts the beignets and lava cake. The beignets were flavored with vanilla beans and served with a caramel sauce, for T this was the best dessert of the two. The beignets were light and fluffy with a thin crisp outer shell and the caramel sauce was simply awesome! Next up was a red velvet lava cake served with a mascarpone/cream cheese mousse and raspberry sauce, this dessert was great but a tad heavy for after a big meal. It probably would have been better if we hadn’t had such a heavy app with our entrees.


We left Savoy very happy, although a little bit over stuffed but that was our own doing. This restaurant was very different than the first 2 restaurants of this week, where Legume and Girasole are quaint, low key and simple Savoy is big, lively and a bit flashy. D’s Mom really liked the décor and style of the restaurant. We suggest you try all 3 and tell us which one is your favorite.


For our next blog we (D&T) have decided that we are going to compose our Top 20 Restaurants in the city, each of us will make our own list with a small statement of why each one made the list. We hope have you enjoyed our blog for this years Restaurant Week and will continue to read our posts in the future.


One comment on “Last But Not Least….

  1. cindy

    loved it. keep up the great job.

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